A formally verified high-level synthesis (HLS) tool written in Coq, building on top of CompCert. This ensures the correctness of the C to Verilog translation according to our Verilog semantics and CompCert’s C semantics, removing the need to check the resulting hardware for behavioural correctness.

Features #

The project is currently a work in progress. Currently, the following C features are supported and have all been proven correct, providing a verified translation from C to Verilog:

  • all int operations,
  • non-recursive function calls,
  • local arrays and pointers, and
  • control-flow structures such as if-statements, for-loops, etc…

Content #

Papers #

Yann Herklotz, James D. Pollard, Nadesh Ramanathan, and John Wickerson. Formal Verification of High-Level Synthesis. In Proc. ACM Program. Lang. 5, OOPSLA, 2021. [ pdf ]
Yann Herklotz and John Wickerson. High-level synthesis tools should be proven correct. In Workshop on Languages, Tools, and Techniques for Accelerator Design, 2021. [ pdf ]

Mailing lists #

For discussions, you can join the following mailing list:

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